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The Universidad Santo Tomás is a non-profit Catholic Higher Education Institution. The University is present in five cities of the country with campuses in Bogota, Bucaramanga, Medellin, Tunja and Villavicencio, as well as 23 Centers for University Assistance that support distance learning nationwide.Multicampus in Colombia


The Universidad Santo Tomás was the first university cloister in Colombia, founded on June 13th, 1580, under the pontificate of Pope Gregory XIII. In 1608, the Santo Tomás School was founded, which subsequently merged with the Universidad de Estudios Generales (General Studies University). Colegio-Universidad Santo Tomás was then founded, later named Universidad Tomística (Thomistic University).

For almost three centuries, the University was an endless source of thought and culture that educated an great number of Neogranadinos (The citizens of the viceroyalty of Nueva Granada). Prominent graduates include Andrés Rosillo (Philosophy, Theology and Biblical Canon graduate), Camilo Torres (author of the famous Memorial de Agravios - Grievance memorial), Francisco José de Caldas (Canon graduate), Francisco de Paula Santander (Philosophy and Law graduate), and Atanasio Girardot (Canon graduate).

In 1975, Universidad Santo Tomás was a pioneer in distance-learning programs, educating a high number of professionals in different regions of the country. In 1996, the campus in Tunja was established; the following year, the campus in Medellin was opened; and in 2007 face-to-face programs were offered in Villavicencio.

Mission and Vision

Institutional Mission

The mission of Universidad Santo Tomás is inspired by the Christian humanist thought of Saint Thomas Aquinas. It consists of promoting a comprehensive education in Higher Education, through teaching-learning actions and processes, research and social outreach. We aim for our students to be able respond in an ethical, creative and critical manner to the current demands of human life, and to contribute solutions to the problems and needs of society and our country.

Institutional Vision

In 2027, Universidad Santo Tomás of Colombia will be an international reference point for high-quality, multi-campus education, through an effective and systemic articulation of its main functions. It will be a driving force for human development and responsible social transformation, in a sustainable environment of justice and peace, which works for the common good.


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