Universidad Santo Tomás has consolidated itself as a multi-campus institution, generating knowledge, with visibility, impact and worldwide recognition, capable of contributing to the transformation of regional and national realities into sustainable environments of justice and peace.

On one hand, the University contributes to undergraduate and graduate formative proposals that link social projection with research projects and curriculum designs pertinent to national and international research agendas,.  It aims at contributing to the construction of the common welfare and the human person, where human values ​​framed in the philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas constitute a structural part of its composition: personal fulfillment, freedom in situation, responsibility, solidarity, justice, peace and truth.

On the other hand, research in the University commits itself to work with all the campuses and the long-distance learning centers, through strategies that harmonize the regional development plans and contribute in an inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary way to the solution of complex problems. Its goal is to achieve an efficient and systemic articulation with the teaching processes from a differential and territorial approach, in the field of higher education.

Sedes y Seccionales