Why to study at USTA?

Universidad Santo Tomás (USTA) Colombia is a non-profit, Private Catholic Higher Education Institution. The University counts on a variety of campuses located in Bogota, Bucaramanga, Medellin, Tunja and Villavicencio (in-campus learning), plus 26 Centros de Atención Universitaria - CAU (Centers for University Assistance) that support distance learning.


The Mission of Universidad Santo Tomás, inspired by the Christian humanistic thought of Saint Thomas Aquinas, is to
promote the integral formation of people in the field of Higher Education, through teaching-learning actions and processes, research and social impact, in order for them to react in an ethic, creative and critical way to the current demands of human life, and bring the best solutions to the problems and needs of our society and country.

As a mid-term projection, Universidad Santo Tomás foresees its activity, presence, and institutional image in the following terms: a) it intervenes before organisms and collective instances; b) it takes a position and has influence over the processes that affect the life of the country or the life of smaller regional communities as its academic programs and the institution itself have been accredited; c) it is an interlocutor of some other public and private institutions, not only educational but also industrial. 

The Christian humanistic understanding of the contemporary Colombian and Latin American reality, inherited from its long tradition in the field of the Higher Education in the context of globalization, inspires the mission of its academic programs, looking forward to assuring the construction of common wealth and the actual application of distributive justice in order to reduce social, economic, cultural and political exclusion. Linked to the different regions of Colombia through its campuses, sectionals, and also through their distance learning programs, Universidad Santo Tomás is a factor of development and improvement of the environments and contexts where it operates. The university also incorporates the use of new educational technologies as tools for teaching and doing research across all the academic programs. Finally, the university calls and binds professors and students together in shared projects to recuperate, adapt and create new types of knowledge, aiming at offering solutions to the new problems that have arisen in the society and in the whole country.

A High-Quality University

Universidad Santo Tomás makes part of a select group of 24 higher education institutions that have been awarded the Institutional Accreditation by the Colombian Ministry of Education, due to the high quality levels of its academic programs and services offered to students, professors and administrative staff. 

In its constant pursuit of quality and continuous improvement, the institution counts on 21 accredited undergraduate programs in each of its campuses all across the country. 

“For Universidad Santo Tomás, institutional accreditation means an acknowledgement to the experience and expertise long cultivated for more than 50 years, to a successful management, a united work, an effort for continuous improvement, an exceptional human talent and to a missionary will to serving the country and being a University of excellent quality with humanistic and Christian criteria that also embraces a deeply rooted vocation of service and transformation of reality”. President - Universidad Santo Tomás.

A Multi-Campus University

USTA Colombia is the dream come true of having a Higher Education Institution all along the Colombian geography. An institution that recognizes the wonderful ethnical, cultural, and productive diversity of our country, and that is capable of exchanging resources and skills among regions, contributing to close the gaps and asymmetries that have represented an obstacle to the construction of a democratic, thriving, and inclusive country, saving the particularities and goals of each territory. 

Looking from the outside to the inside, USTA Colombia offers the possibility to articulate the experience and knowledge reached by the Main Campus with the ones from the other cities across the country, under the system of open and distance learning. USTA Colombia smartly uses the new technologies of information and communication and puts them at the service of an educative model of national reach, offering in such a way to all the academic community the mobility and flexibility that nowadays are a main feature of the most acknowledged educative institutions in the globe.

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