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What is the Permission of Entry and Permanence (Permiso de Ingreso y Permanencia -PIP-) ?

MIGRACION COLOMBIA stamps a seal on the passport, travel document or Andean Immigration Card (TAM), which includes THE ENTRY (date of entry, authorized days of stay and type of income), which will be ninety (90) consecutive days, and renewable for ninety (90) additional days, up to a maximum of 180 calendar days per calendar year for aliens who do not require a visa.

Eventually, the Migration Authority may authorize fewer days of those contemplated, taking into account the discretionary power based on the principle of sovereignty that the Colombian State has.


Permisos de Ingreso y Permanencia (PIP)
Type Categories Days
International Agreements PIP 1 180 (Only for Peruvian Citizens)

Non-regular academic programs (lasting less than 1 semester)

Academic Exchange Agreements

Student Internships

Entertainment Performers

PIP 2 90

Academic Events

Scientific Events

Artistic Events

Cultural Events

Sporting Events

Job Interviews

Company Training

Contactos comerciales o empresariales

Cubrimiento periodístico

PIP 5 90 (Only for European Union citizens)



The visa is the authorization granted to a foreigner to enter the national territory granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Permanence is the time during which the foreigner may be in the national territory.
The validity will be the time between the date of grant and the date of completion indicated on the visa label.
The requirements for the issuance of visas shall be established by ministerial resolution.
TP 1: A foreigner who wishes to enter the national territory and whose presence is of particular importance to the Colombian State, or when the nature of said income responds to the development and compliance with international conventions or treaties that contemplate the issuance of this class Of visa.
To be a student, student-practitioner, teacher, professional or qualified technician whose purpose is to practice interns, lecturer or language assistant, who enters the national territory under existing cooperation treaties in which Colombia is a State party or promoted by the Institute Colombian Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad "Mariano Ospina Pérez", ICETEX; Or when it is demonstrated that these are programs or activities of cultural or academic exchange.
TP 3: To the foreigner who wishes to enter the national territory in development of an academic program, with or without a scholarship, given by an educational or training center of the country duly certified for this purpose, or by virtue of an academic exchange and Of performing student practices. Likewise, when the foreigner wishes to enter the national territory to be trained in an art or trade.
TP15 - Mercosur: To the national foreigner of one of the States Parties of Mercosur and its Associates who wishes to enter or have entered the national territory and apply for temporary residence under the Agreement on Residence for Nationals of the States Parties of Mercosur, Bolivia and Chile.
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The holder or beneficiary of Visa whose validity is more than three months, must register or update his information in the Foreigners Registry within the following 15 calendar days, counted from his entry to the country or the date of issuance of the Visa If it was obtained within the national territory and must process the foreigner's certificate at the time of registration.

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